Federico Agostini

Proteome-wide predictions of Interactions and Aggregation.

The aim of our project is to predict possible associations between RNAs and proteins; we will focus on long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) likely involved in neurodegenerative diseases. Indeed, this class of transcript that doesn’t encode for proteins is poorly characterized and the role of these RNAs remains unclear. In this view, the usage of our predictive tool, called catRAPID, to predict interactions between lncRNAs and proteins will represent a powerful approach to analyze of these regulatory molecules. In particular, the search for protein partner of lncRNAs in silico will be employed to rationally design in vitro binding assays in support of the predictions. Consequently, the information coming from experimental data will be used to improve the reliability of  catRAPID. Finally, biochemical and structural methods will be applied to functionally elucidate these interactions in order to assign a role for this kind of molecules.

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