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  1. Luisa Lente made a drawing representing the findings of our 2009 NSMB paper (Tilgner et al., but see also Schwartz et al, same issue). This drawing was then selected in an adapted version for the NSMB cover.

my CV is here (OPEN TO ANYONE)

some ideas for future projects

  1. here is a pdf for one postdoc idea (SORRY, you need a password)

other work related pages

  1. search your preferred sequence for published ESE and ESS here (SORRY, you need a password)
  2. some few data sets we used in our 2009 NSMB paper (OPEN TO ANYONE)
  3. some ENCODE related data (a little old by now, you will need the encode password and login)
  4. data fro my friends on teh 6th floor (SORRY, you need a password)





Tilgner H, Guigó R.  2010.  From chromatin to splicing: RNA-processing as a total artwork. Epigenetics : official journal of the DNA Methylation Society. 5(3):180-184. Abstract


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