I obtained a BSc in Biology in 1996. I went on to obtain a PhD in Genetics in 2002, working on the genetic causes of deafness under the supervision of Dr.Estivill. I did a postdoctoral stay at Duke University's Center for Human Genetic, under the supervision of Dr. Pericak-Vance, working in the genetics of autistic disorder. Since then, I came back to Barcelona, where I have worked on new sources of genetic variation, such as CNVs and epigenetics. My current projects involve: - genetic susceptibility to Fibromyalgia; - identification of novel genes for Intellectual Disability; -identification of genetic factors determining outcome after Stroke; -Identification of genes for Mendelian disorders through exome sequencing; - CNV discovery from exome sequencing data; -Methylation changes in Alzheimer's disease

ORCID ID: Raquel Rabionet 0000-0001-5006-8140
Recent Publications:

The complex SNP and CNV genetic architecture of the increased risk of congenital heart defects in Down syndrome. Sailani MR, Makrythanasis P, Valsesia A, Santoni F, Deutsch S, Popadin K, Borel C, Migliavacca E, Sharp AJ, Duriaux Sail G, Falconnet E, Rabionet K, Serra Juhé C, Vicari S, Laux D, Grattau Y, Dembour G, Megarbane A, Touraine R, Stora S, Kitsiou S, Fryssira H, Chatzisevastou-Loukidou C, Kanavakis E, Merla G, Bonnet D, Pérez-Jurado LA, Estivill X, Delabar JM, Antonarakis SE. Genome Res. 2013

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