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QVQ wants to contribute to early detection of diseases by providing top quality validated Imaging and Research Agents based on their C-direct labelled single domain antibodies from camelids (professionally called functionalized VHH).

To become a supplier of top-end market products, QVQ works closely together with top academic and industrial groups and actively stimulates research in these areas.

During over 10 years of research on single domain antibody technology at Unilever and Utrecht University a considerable number of VHH directed against biomarkers in three major disease areas have been selected and characterized by the founders of QVQ. The unique combination of VHH technology and the unique availability at Utrecht University of correlated microscopy enabled QVQ to determine whether the selected VHHs are indicative for early stages of diseases.

Early detection of diseases is an unmet need in the health care of our society. The growing demand for the use of VHH for Research and Imaging and the growing evidence that VHH are superior tools for Research and Imaging drives the expert team of QVQ to follow these goals.


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