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First fungemia case due to environmental yeast Wickerhamomyces myanmarensis: detection by multiplex qPCR and antifungal susceptibility

29 Aug 2019


Presenting the first clinical case of Wickerhamomyces myanmarensis.


Yeast cells were isolated from blood and central venous catheter of a 5.5-year-old male subject. API 20C AUX, MALDI-TOF MS, ITS and LSU rDNA sequencing, and our qPCR assay were used for identification and the MIC values were determined by CLSI M27-A3.


ITS and LSU rDNA sequencing identified both isolates as W. myanmarensis, while API 20C AUX and MALDI-TOF MS did not identify them correctly. Our qPCR specifically distinguished W. myanmarensis from W. anomalus. Isolate obtained from blood showed a higher MIC value for fluconazole, voriconazole and posaconazole.


Utilization of reliable identification tools might reveal the genuine spectrum of opportunistic yeast species.