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This ESR's goal will be to identify virulence factors up-regulated in C. albicans and the host, as compared to uninfected women with normal vaginal microflora. Candidate genes will be developed into prototype diagnostic tools.



Elucidation of host-pathogen interactions in Candida vaginitis as compared to woman without vaginitis. Methodology: Meta-transcriptomics on Illumina platform in 30 samples of C. albicans vaginitis, and 30 control samples; isolation of RNA from vaginal samples, quality control of RNA, reverse transcription PCR, and deep sequencing (Illumina). Vaginal sampling will be done by using e-swabs (standard procedure). Data analysis will be performed in collaboration with ESR2 (P1); ESR5-6 (P3); ESR9 (P6).



Sequencing of strains provided by P2 and clinical partners using bioinformatics tools to compare newly-sequenced whole genome sequences.


An overview of the project can be downloaded here:




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Ghent University
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Hans Knöll Institut Jena
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