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This ESR's goal will be to identify a panel of purification columns based on the selected llama antibodies that have proven functionality on beads to purify and diagnose Candida species from clinical samples.



Selection of single domain antibodies (VHHs) specific for Candida species from phage display libraries from llama’s immunized with Candida species. VHHs binding affinity, stability and production levels will be characterized. A selection of VHHs will be sequenced and epitope mapped to find a panel of lead VHHs. The lead VHHs will be coupled to a bead carrier as a proof-of-principle that VHH columns can be used for the concentration of Candida cells from blood and other clinical samples for diagnostic analysis.



Llamas will be immunized with Candida species and phage display libraries will be constructed. After selection of high affinity binders these will be coupled site specifically to beads and columns are packed to test these for purification and subsequent PCR analysis.


An overview of the project can be downloaded here:




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