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This ESR's goal will be to identify antifungal resistance biomarkers in main pathogenic Candida species and the isolation and assessment of llama antibodies against selected candidate biomarkers.



Proteomics-based analyses of clinical isolates of the four major pathogenic Candida species with varied drug susceptibilities to identify proteins that are differentially expressed in response to antifungal drugs or in drug resistant isolates (from P2). Development and validation of specific antibodies as diagnostic resistance markers.



A combination of MALDI-TOF, LC-MS mass spectrometry and Differential in Gel Electrophoresis (DIGE) proteomics approaches will be applied by ESR8 to identify global changes in different classes of proteins (cytoplasmic, membrane, wall and secreted). A phage display antibody library will be screened (with ESR13, P10) to select antibodies specific for the most promising proteins identified. ESR8 will validate the utility of the antibodies for enrichment of diagnostic resistance markers with ESR10 (P7) using in vitro cultures and in vivo infection models.


An overview of the project can be downloaded here:




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