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Carlos Llorens

Project Partner
46980 Paterna Valencia

Dr Carlos Llorens is a bio-informatician with expertise in next-generation sequencing (NGS), molecular evolution and evolutionary biology; he is also expert in development of bio-databases and state-of-the-art software design and computational pipelines. He received his PhD from the University of Valencia in 2008 and in parallel he created Biotechvana in 2006 together with other researchers of the University of Valencia where Carlos Llorens leads the company as CEO/CSO. Carlos Llorens has participated in more than 14 national and international projects and collaborate with, and assess distinct research centers including Hospitals, Universities, and sequencing providers as for applied bioinformatics in NGS analysis, integrative biology and genetic diagnosis.


Selected Publications

Supervised projects
This ESR's goal will be to identify potential biomarkers from data-mining approaches and to build up a central OPATHY database and new computational analyses workflows.