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Mansoureh Vatanshenassan

Early Stage Researcher
Fahrenheitstrasse 4
28359 Bremen
Project Title: Improved diagnosis of yeast pathogens by MALDI-TOF MS proteomics

I am a graduated master student in Biomolecular science at Vrij University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (end of 2014). I hold another master degree in Medical Parasitology at Tehran University of medical science, Tehran, Iran (2010). My background is highly related to microbiology and biochemistry, and i have a special interest in molecular and cellular biology to the aim of improving diagnostic methods and various aspects of vaccine/drug development and treatment. I have experience studying on different projects using several microorganisms. My recent research studies were highly focused on developing new vaccines against P. falciparum (Malaria) and Mycobacterium tuberculosis concentrating on cellular and humoral immune responses as well as gene expression and protein analysis.
Since September 2015 by Augustus 2016, i have worked at Thermo Fisher Company located at CBS-Fungal Biodiversity Center, Utrecht, Netherlands. I involved in a project in which we analyzed the yeast’s proteins using Top-down proteomics in order to apply this approach in clinical diagnosis. This research area helped me to develop myself in the field of Mycology and particularly yeast biology as well as proteomics. Hence, i applied for a position to the OPATHY training network and i have started my research study at Bruker Company under supervision of Dr. Markus Kostrzewa since Augustus 2016. In this project, we are working on development of MALDI-TOF technique to detect yeasts resistance pathogens using clinical samples and thereafter we are aiming to apply immune-capture in combination with MALDI-TOF to detect resistant species fast and accurately.