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Comparison of the efficiency of different cell lysis methods and different commercial methods for RNA extraction from Candida albicans stored in RNAlater

14 May 2019

Obtaining sufficient RNA yield and quality for comprehensive transcriptomic studies is cumbersome for clinical samples in which RNA from the pathogen is present in low numbers relative to the nucleic acids from the host, especially for pathogens, such as yeasts, with a solid cell wall. Therefore, yeast cell lysis including cell wall disruption constitutes an essential first step to maximize RNA yield. Moreover, during the last years, different methods for RNA extraction from yeasts have been developed, ranging from classic hot phenol methods to commercially available specific kits. They offer different RNA yield and quality, also depending on the original storage medium, such as RNAlater.


Authors: Rodríguez, A., & Vaneechoutte, M.