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Markus Kostrzewa

Project Partner
Department of bioanalytical development
+49 412 2205 1258
2000 Bremen

Study of biology at the Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen, Germany.

1990               Diploma in biology at the Institute for Plant Physiology

1993              Ph.D at Institute for Plant Physiology

1993 - 1997 Postdoc at the Institute of Human Genetics, JLU



Genetic and physical mapping of part of human chromosome 5

Hereditary neurodegenerative human disorders

Molecular diagnostics of hereditary human diseases

Joined Bruker in 1998

Head of the newl R&D group “Bioanalytical Development“ in Leipzig

Establishment of molecular biology and biology related development.

Development of DNA analysis by MALDI-TOF MS, SNP genotyping; methods, consumables, robotics and software

Project manager “Pharmacogentic diagnostics“ funded by the German Ministry of Science and Education (“Development and validation of MALDI-TOF MS methods“).


Supervised projects
This ESR's goal will be to identify a set of resistance markers for azole and echinocandin resistant yeasts to be developed in to diagnostic markers.
This ESR's goal will be to establish a general protocol for enrichment of Candida yeast cells out of body fluids and subsequent MALDI-TOF analysis directly on clinical samples.