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nextPARS: Parallel probing of RNA structures in Illumina

25 Jan 2018

ABSTRACT: RNA molecules play important roles in virtually every cellular process. These functions are often
mediated  through  the  adoption  of  specific  structures  that  enable  RNAs  to  interact  with  other  
molecules. Thus, determining the secondary structures of RNAs is central to understanding their
function   and   evolution.   In   recent   years   several   sequencing-based   approaches   have   been   
developed  that  allow  probing  structural  features  of  thousands  of  RNA  molecules  present  in  a  
sample. Here, we describe nextPARS, a novel Illumina-based implementation of
in-vitro parallel probing   of   RNA   structures.   Our   approach   achieves   comparable   accuracy   to   previous   
implementations, while enabling higher throughput and sample multiplexing

Saus, E., Willis, J., Pryszcz, L., Hafez, A., Llorens, C., Himmelbauer, H., Gabaldón, T., 2018. nextPARS: Parallel probing of RNA structures in Illumina. RNA. doi: 10.1261/rna.063073.117