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This ESR's goal will be to increase the understanding of how host-pathogen interactions vary during infection and across Candida species by comparative transcriptome approaches.



To study the nature and progress of fungal infections, to analyze RNAseq data obtained from lab experiments and patient samples (obtained by ESR5,6,9,12), and to explore ways for the molecular characterization of the host-pathogen interaction using deep sequencing approaches. These procedures will be implemented in the OPATHY pipeline (WP4). A special focus will be devoted to analyze similarities and differences in the transcriptome dynamics across Candida species and strains.



Next generation sequencing techniques and bioinformatics analyses will be used to compare transcriptomes of Candida species exposed to human macrophages with data obtained from patient samples. Diagnostic markers of infection will be selected (for validation in WP6).

An overview of the project can be downloaded here:




Project supervisors
Project Coordinator
Centre for Genomic Regulation
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Hans Knöll Institut Jena